at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
Here at Shepherd's Field we are partnering with Hipcamp at to offer camping for those wishing to
Camp out.
There is seven campsites to pick from and some have areas large enough to set up in excess of 15 tents.
If interested you can contact to get all the information and legalities

Below are some of the campsites available.
Campsite "Arthur" is a very quiet area which will
hold a couple of tents.
Campsite "Stephen" is a larger area that will
easily hold 5 tents.
Campsite "Isaac" will hold about 15 tents.
Campsite "Abigail" is the furthest from the Main
area and isn't as easy to access with vehicles
but will hold about 15 tents.
Campsite "Callie" will hold about 5 tents.
Campsite "David" is our smallest site and will
hold one tent but we consider this our Bridal
Welcome to Shepherd's Field.
Our main area where we have restrooms,
shower, covered areas and a cook shack
which we will not only feed campers but will
cater weddings held here.
Contact information:    
Steve Carl       
417-258-0333 cell
Campsite "Kelton" will hold over 20 tents and
is the closest to Wedding in the Woods. Easy
access by car or walking.
When we took this photo Donna made the
comment she could live back here.
Very beautiful site.
If you are wishing to Camp out here at
Shepherd's Field you MUST book through www.

  • ">hipcamp reservation

If you have already booked a wedding and you
go to their website and see that your wedding
date is listed as closed don't worry your
wedding is the reason I have closed that date.
Contact me and I can open it for you with
The restrooms may be primitive but it is better than using a hole.
The right side is the Women's Restroom and
the left side is the Men's Restroom/Shower.

Many people have commented on our facilities and the uniqueness in
materials used in it's construction.
The Women's side is more uniform and spacious where as the
Men's side is more thought provoking.
From the exhaust fan to the shower many elements are not intended
for regular restroom use, but it works.