Personalized Name Rings
Name Rings
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
Here at Shepherd's Field we have added something that we feel is needed. Couples who are
planning a wedding on a limited budget are choosing to omit Wedding Rings until later
because of expense. After searching for a nice ring we have came up with this one.
They are Stainless Steel Comfort Bands and can be worn either with no engraving or with
whatever names you wish on them. We have stamp engraved the bride and grooms name on
many with their wedding date. We did a couples rings not to long ago that they were uncertain
what they wanted on them but they wanted something so the Groom came up with "A Deal's A
Deal" plus their wedding date.

We are offering these rings in five different styles with sizes 4-14 for $25 each.

The rings are made of 316 grade stainless steel.  This is a durable, high grade steel that is
not subject to corrosion.  It will not rust, change color or tarnish.  There is no lead in 316
grade stainless steel.
Interesting fact - Type 316 stainless is used on the exterior of both the   Petronas Twin
Towers and the Jin Mao Tower, two of the world's tallest skyscrapers!

We are very excited about the Rings as they are very attractive, scratch resistant, and are
very hard to bend. Oh, as some people ask will they turn their finger green, the answer is NO,
in fact many who are allergic to other metals are able to wear these.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Contact information:    
Steve Carl       
417-258-0333 cell
Here is what rings we have in stock.
Flat Top 6 mm
comfort ring
High Dome 8 mm
comfort ring
Gold accent 6 mm
comfort ring
Shiny 5mm
Unique 6.1 mm
comfort ring
All above rings can be Stamp Engraved on outside and/or engraved on inside.
Sizes range from 4-14 all whole size (if you need 1/2 size contact me)
Note: rings less than size 7 can't be sized.
Unique ring  can not be sized to 1/2 sizes.

The rings below can only be engraved on inside.
As with the Unique the Engagement, single line and puzzle rings can not be sized 1/2 sizes.
If you are wondering how many letters and spaces can be stamp engraved on outside a good rule is take the ring size and multiply it by 3.
Example: Size 9 ring        9 x 3 = 27 letters and spaces.
Price on rings:
Which includes shipping First Class
I've had people contact us wondering if they are only for weddings.
No they aren't, we have done many rings for people who just want them personalized.
We even did one that had Richard Nixon's Social Security Number on it.
I tell people all the time if it is dirty words I can't guarantee the spelling as I engrave them with my eyes closed.
If you are buying a ring please email me at and give me the following information:
Which ring?
What you want engraved on it?
I'll get back to you usually within an hour and let you know if it's a go and when it can be delivered.
When I'm notified by Paypal I will send you a conformation and get the ring out to you.
Thank You.
I can usually process all orders the day received.
Shiny 8mm w/step down
Black 6mm
Blue 6 mm
Rose Gold 6mm
Diagonal Stripe 6mm
Tire 6mm
Rose Gold 2mm
Rose Gold 2mm
single line
Puzzle Ring 8mm
Black & Gold                                Blue & Black                                Black & Silver
Rainbow 6mm
Rose Gold 6mm Brush
On all rings
New addition ring stamps:
Hand Peace, Peace Sign, Yin-yang, Daisy