Personalized Name Rings
Wedding Chapel
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
Here at Shepherd's Field we have added something that we feel is needed. Couples who are
planning a wedding on a limited budget are choosing to omit Wedding Rings until later
because of expense. After searching for a nice ring we have came up with this one.
They are Stainless Steel Comfort Bands and can be worn either with no engraving or with
whatever names you wish on them. We have stamp engraved the bride and grooms name on
many with their wedding date. We did a couples rings not to long ago that they were uncertain
what they wanted on them but they wanted something so the Groom came up with "A Deal's A
Deal" plus their wedding date.

We are offering these rings in five different styles with sizes 4-14 for $25 each.

As you have read in other areas on our website we have traveled with the "Roamin' Chapel" to
Fairs and Festivals and we have phased in the Name Rings into these areas to offset
expenses of taking the Chapel. We are now setting up in many Craft Fairs selling the Name
Rings and promoting Shepherd's Field. We are very excited about the Rings as they are very
attractive, scratch resistant, and are very hard to bend. Oh, as some people ask will they turn
their finger green, the answer is NO, in fact many who are allergic to other metals are able to
wear these.

A benefit of selling these rings has lead us into accepting credit/debit cards for their purchase
and we are now able to extend it to our weddings.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Contact information:    
Steve Carl       
417-258-0333 cell
Other Things
Since the last post on Name Rings we have added to our inventory that we are taking to Craft Shows, below is a few
things we have added.
Personalized Horseshoes
Engrave Belt buckles with web belt
Key chains
We are adding more all the time.

I'm experimenting with Ink Pens, Tire Gauges, Name Badges, etc.

Our prices range from $5-$25, great Birthday, Wedding and Christmas Presents without depleting your

We are now even engraving inside rings.

As everything at Shepherd's Field all profits are going to expand Shepherd's Field to make it nicer for  you.
Lamps and Lights
Many people has made comments about the bucket lights in the "Cave" so I decided to play around and just see what I can come
up with. I'm very pleased with the way they are turning out, I guess you can call it reclaimed lighting.
Below you can see a few samples.
Colander light at the Cave.
This was my Mom's Colander.
Little Bucket light
In the restroom at the Cave
My first bucket light at the Cave
This is an old egg basket with a double
boiler coffee pot top.
It is going to go over our table at home.
Up side down photo of the Tomato Juice
I always called this a Colander but it was It
hangs above our kitchen window.
This is one of my favorite videos.
I'm using it as an experiment to see how it
We are getting ready to put wedding videos
on the website if it works out.

Thank You for watching.