T-Shirts, Signs, Decals
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
Here at Shepherd's Field we are adding more and more.
Our latest is T-Shirts.
We started making out own signs earlier to save cost on giving
people directions to wedding sites, camping sites etc.
So out next step was adding T-Shirts.
All custom made, if you have an idea we hopefully can make it.
A Perfect Marriage

is just two imperfect people
who refuse to give up
on each other.
For those wanting to have a remembrance of their special day.
T-Shirts are $15 each in size S-XL add $5 for XXL-5X.
Decals for windows are $10 with date.

More designs are coming.
This is just a few of our designs and many more are in the process.
The new designs will be added when available.
Onesies are $15        T-Shirt prices are $15 for 2T-XL add $5 for XXL-5X.
Contact information:    
Steve Carl
417-258-0333 cell