Wedding Chapel
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO


We charge $75.00 to officiate within 25 miles of
Mt. Vernon plus mileage over the 25 miles at $1.00 per mile
one way.
If you are having a rehearsal where another trip is needed
then it is also $75.00 plus mileage as above.


A marriage license,

You can obtain a marriage license from any County
Courthouse in Missouri. They are only good for
30 days. If you wait till you get to Mt Vernon you will
need to be at the Courthouse before 4:30 Monday-
Friday (Closed on Holidays, Weekends) The cost of the
license in Mt. Vernon is $46.00. The courthouse is on
the square.

Two witnesses,

If you don't have witnesses we can arrange them,
sometimes it can postpone a wedding until they are
available. One witness is included in the price, the cost
of the second witness cost me $10.00 so add that to
the cost.

A Bride and a Groom,

I know this sounds silly, but it's suppose to.

Give us a call and set everything up, there will be some
questions so we can have everything ready when you
get here.

OK, you are wondering what kind of questions, they will be:

Names: Bride & Groom                 Contact Number
Date of Wedding                           Time
Witnesses: How many                   Expected # of Guests
Rings: 0, 1, 2                                 Someone to give away
Vows: Traditional or Non              + A few others questions
Contact information:

Steve Carl

417-258-0333 cell

Music during the ceremony
The Minister
Filing of your marriage license with the County Recorder
Wedding Certificate with photograph from the Chapel
Bible with your vows inserted
We are now able to accept Credit Cards.
Mastercard, Visa, Discover
We are now having to ask
all to hold a scheduled
time we must require a
$50 deposit to hold the

You do not have to be a
member of PayPal to use
this form of payment.
Credit and Debit Cards
are accepted.

I am sorry we are having
to do this but a few has
hurt everyone.

Reservations have been
made on their word and
we have not been notified
when they either decided
to not get married or just
didn't show up for
whatever reason.

Sorry again.
Since we offer many wedding sites here at Shepherd's Field we
have decided to instead of pricing per site to price per guest
number. This way you will have a choice of any site at Shepherd's
Field that will allow the number of guests invited.
 Elopement:        5 guests        $50                               
25 guests         $75
50 guests         $100

This pricing effective March 1, 2017
All weddings must have a deposit of $50 to hold date.

Capacity per site:   
Small Chapel                                                      5 guests
Outside Small Chapel as Backdrop                     50 guests
Book of Discipline which is the current publication and will be revised at the General Conference 2015.
For the excerpt of the Book of Discipline please go to "Contact Us".