We are excited that you have came here to check on us.
Instead of under construction we are a work in progress.
Keep coming back and you'll see more.
Inside of the Little Chapel
This is presumed to be the smallest wedding
chapel in use in Missouri.

It holds 8 people comfortably (5 guest).

Take a look at our Photo Albums to see the
couples who have been joined in Holy Matrimony
at the Chapel.
Contact information:

Steve Carl
417-258-0333 cell
Wedding Chapel
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
We have access to larger Chapel's with sitting capacity to 150 people, we also have outside areas available for larger weddings.
If you wish for a short notice wedding (elopement)  or a lavish wedding we are here to help you.

We abide by our ethics and the Book of Discipline of the FMC paragraph 3215
(for a readable copy of this section go to "Contact US" on this website).
We would like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. We pride ourselves to be able to offer you
a great place and I promise we do take the time and the pleasure to get to know you and help make this
an joyful event.

Congratulations again,
We have many on-site areas to hold your wedding, some outdoors and some indoors.

The Little Wedding Chapel (inside or outside)
Wedding in the Woods (outside)
plus at least two more areas being worked on which will be outside areas.

If you are thinking of having your wedding off site we have just what you're looking for.
"The Roamin' Wedding Chapel"
"The Big Green Tent"
The Green Tent is one of our newest additions.

The Green tent be used for many things such as reception.
This photo was taken October so grass was turning brown and
leaves falling.
"Wedding in the Woods"
Is an area that is canopied with Oak Trees
This is the view as you walk down the aisle.
There are 75 chairs set up and room for over 50 more.
All it needs is your decorations.

Beautiful outdoor setting with a real outdoors feeling.
My ultimate favorite wedding party photograph.
Robert & Kariann Seigart
May 19, 2012
Miller, MO
Due to many couples unable to afford wedding rings we are
offering "Name Rings" for $25 each.
Made while you wait here at Shepherd's Field.

We have added many new style rings so take a look on our
Ring page. Just punch Rings on the Navigator.
Roamin' Chapel as the back drop.
It will hold up to 50 guests and it has it's on sound system.
In this photo the electricity has not been installed for the tent
but the lights will be going in very soon.
As you look out the windows you see nothing but open fields
and trees, as you exit the area your eyes are drawn to a large
cedar tree and the pond.
We set this up for people who fear that it will rain on their
wedding, this will help.
When I looked up and seen this I thought it was a true these
three young men dressed in their uniforms of course the
Bride and her friends brought it all together.
Thank You and Congratulations:
Dakota & Jayme Hammons
August 19, 2017
If you will notice there's always that one Aunt who wants to
get into all the Photo's.
Jason & Lina Brucks, September 7, 2018

Our 600th couple to be married.

When we first started I was hoping we could do 100
weddings. 10 years and 3 months since our first
wedding we celebrated our 600th.
Ain't to shabby.

I wish to Thank every couple that we have had the
honor of officiating your wedding.