Let's Get Personal
Personalized Crafts made just for you!
This is our Craft Tent set up in Salisbury NC
at Hippie Fest.
We not only do Personalized crafts here at
Shepherd's Field but on the road. We try to
do 20+/- shows a year. We also take orders
and ship all over the United States through
our rings on Ebay and here at this site on
our rings, jewelry, and T-Shirts.
There isn't anything mass produced as we
keep everything personal just with you.
Below is some of our products as basically samples
Each product can and will be personalized for you.
Let's be creative together!
Flat Top 6 mm
comfort ring
High Dome 8 mm
comfort ring
Gold accent 6 mm
comfort ring
Shiny 5mm
Unique 6.1 mm
comfort ring
Price on rings:
Which includes shipping First Class
Shiny 8mm w/step down
Black 6mm
Blue 6 mm
Rose Gold 6mm
Rainbow 6mm
On all rings
All above rings can be Stamp Engraved on outside and/or engraved on inside.
Sizes range from 4-14 all whole size (if you need 1/2 size contact me)
Note: rings less than size 7 can't be sized.
Unique ring  can not be sized to 1/2 sizes.
Angel Penny jewelry
Angel Penny Earrings
Angel Penny Charm Bracelet
Angel Penny Endless Chain
Angel Penny Silk Necklace
Angel Penny Jewelry comes with undisclosed dates.
Memory Penny Jewelry comes with specific year and a heart stamped on penny.
Memory Penny is for a special year to recognise a meaningful date. Example: Birth, Death,
Anniversary etc.
Memory Penny Jewelry is $5.00 more.

The guitar picks are printed on PVC plastic (like credit cards) and can have any design or even pictures on them.
The earrings are stainless steel and can be made using post, or clip ons.
These earrings are very light and extremely custom able just for you.
All prices below includes
shipping and handling.
We ship through USPS
First Class in the United States
Contact information:    
Steve Carl
417-258-0333 cell
Contact information:    
Steve Carl
417-258-0333 cell
Just give me information on what
you want, size, style etc.
I will get back to you very soon
and hopefully ship to you the same
day. All shipments are sent within
24 hours excluding weekends.
New addition ring stamps:
Hand Peace, Peace Sign, Yin-yang, Daisy
Memory Penny
Depends on attachment