Shepherd's Field
Wedding Chapel
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
This is Shepherd's Field, a faith based park south of Mt Vernon, Missouri.
Currently there are 5 buildings; they are left to right:
Dry Goods, Stable, Chapel, Short Branch, and the Parson's House.
Where this photo was taken at it is in the parking area as you will notice the
grass gets greener about 100' towards the buildings.
Scroll down to "a little something about Shepherd's Field and the buildings"
Some changes have been made since this photo was taken and it's explained
below. New photo coming.
A little something about Shepherd's Field  
Shepherd's Field: Is a faith based park, since we started using the Field and Stable as a focus on our Live Nativity it was given it's
name from Shepherd's Field in Bethlehem where the Shepherd's were told of Jesus' birth by a host of angels. Then again before we
started using the area it was the pasture where our Sheep grazed.

Below is a few photo's of Shepherd's Field out back.
Very beautiful area surrounded by trees and very peaceful
Contact information:

417-258-0333 cell
Outside Wedding at the Chapel
There have been many weddings using the chapel as a backdrop, but we failed to place a photo of how it looks setup.
The below photographs are set up for 50 guest all you need is your decorative touch to accent in your colors and theme.
The view as you head down the front.
View from the Chapel.
With sitting for 50 guest.