XERO Shoes
Stuff you ought to try
at Shepherd's Field in Mt. Vernon, MO
Just a note from Steve:
I found me a pair of shoes that are unbelievable. I did a lot of research and when I finally tried on a pair I
thought I'm buying the first pair of my last shoes I'll ever own. I put both on and walked around or hobbled
around for a little while then took the left one off and put it in the box and started looking where I put the right
one. I finally looked at my right foot and saw I still had it on. Yep, just like being barefoot and so light. They
even have a 5000 mile warranty on the soles. I wore them today to the hospital where my grandson had
surgery and actually had a nurse stop me and asked what kind of shoes are those because they look so
comfortable. They are comfortable and let's your feet be all natural.
Take the time and check them out at www.xeroshoes.com/go/shepherdsfield. This is the shoe that many
runners, hikers and people on their feet all day are wearing. Fantastic. The ones I got are tan but I'm getting a
black pair to wear as dress up.

Donna has always had to have high arch shoe but her legs still hurt all the time, she wore her shoes which
are the "Lena" and would come home and say her legs or feet felt great.

Our daughter Stephanie fell in Love with hers and has ordered her another pair, her first pair is the "Prio" and
her next pair will be the "Lena"

Our son is the one that told us about the xero shoes which he has been wearing over two years.

Take a look at the shoes at www.xeroshoes.com/go/shepherdsfield
When you get home from work, shopping, walking or even running is
the first thing you want to do is take off your shoes?
If it is then you are wearing the wrong Shoes!

Check out these shoes they are called
pronounced zero
Check out their website at
and yes that's our name at the end so they will know we
sent you.
They have 21 styles many colors and all sizes.
Contact information:    
Steve Carl
417-258-0333 cell
Here's a photo montage of stuff we are making here at Shepherd's Field.

If you are interested in anything just email me or text me.
Everything we make is Personalized just for you!